In a cafeMan in cafe. Jacket, headphones. 2k HDR.

The aim of this page is to be goofy, hopefully i' the good kind.

' currently a software engineer & indie hacker who likes making products (mostly internet/tech based). I take pride in being a generalist so her' more of what I like to do:

  • I play keyboard/guitar and try to sing so I can perform live music.
  • 'e worked as an artist & animator for over 2 years. I draw, animate and do 3D stuff every now and then.
  • I like prototyping with games. 'e made some for GameJams. I was part of Alter Army in i' first year of development as a designer and musician.
  • 'e been editing videos since 2014. Failed with over 10 youtube channels. Current.

Now back to tech. Looked at code first time in my life in 2012 in school, and borrowed a book about XHTML/CSS and JS from a friend. Then tried to make some websites and journey went:

HTML ➝ CSS ➝ JS ➝ C ➝ Python ➝ Java ➝ GML (GameMaker Language) ➝ C# ➝ JS ➝ TS ➝ ???

I only remember JS/TS/C#.

I like learning new things. Usually every now and then 'l pick up something (recent: chess/f1/gokarting), do it with burning love & passion for a couple months before forgetting about it completely.

But my interest in craft has' dipped in a long period of time. Writing code for me is the easiest way to build, distribute and understand if my MAKE is useful at all.

So far 'e made GripeAI and OffprintAI (more in products page), and happily failed with both with some takeaways.

(This is the first iteration of the /about page.)