I did 1000 pushups in a day!
Dated: 16/06/2023

Yeah. Seriously. I've done 200 pushups for 53 days straight, but never gone beyond the 200 limit. Mostly because there was no reason to.

A bit of backstory as to why I attempted at this at all: Recent few days/weeks have been kind of a rut, difficult times (blah blah yeah it happens shutup quit whining already).

I wanted to get out of it, and I had no idea how to at all. So I did what I knew best in hard times: Listen to david goggins.

And that's where the thought creeps in - what's all of this for? I've encountered this questions multiple times, way more than I can possibly count, without any answer. Until very recently. Having gone through some things I came to the conclusion - Observation of the universe is enough.

At first, around 11:43 AM I just wanted to do 10 pushups, because I had not been doing the 200 pushups daily for a while. But then a question appeared. Why do I hate doing them? I never hated doing it? What changed? And I looked elsewhere to blame. Maybe it was my Instagram usage, maybe it was twitter, IT MUST BE THEM ONLINE PEOPLE.

But the reality was, I was weaseling out. I was thinking I can relax, maybe chill for a while because it's gonna be fine. (whatever "it" is). It wasn't, It wasn't even close to being fine. Which is why I get all these wake-up calls, why I can't go to sleep without feeling anxious and calming myself down with sugar or YT content.

Pushups were suffering. Work was suffering. It was not what I wanted to do, hence it had pain & suffering built in it! Therefore, I wanted to avoid it. Now, it's not the case that I hate working, or exercising, in fact the opposite. But I have stopped pushing myself.

Enough chitchat: I started doing pushups and my first set was 25. My one-set max was 40 but I knew I was going for 200/300 this time (I didn't confirm the 1000 yet.)

I slowly built up and did 129 in roughly 20 minutes before sitting down to think. And it was very clear that I needed to do those 1000 pushups. What for? I don't really even know.

This is how the rest of it went:

  • 129-250: Hard but not that hard. Mentally VERY DIFFICULT to pass that 200 threshold. But not that physically hard.
  • 250-400: All this time I was listening to goggins so this was the easiest phase. I ate food and went to a nap to recover.
  • 400-650: Ok this shit was HARD. At this point my wrist had started giving up, sometimes I felt like I was going to almost break my wrist. My weight is currently 105kg and I'm FAT AF! So this was a lot of stress for my wrists.
  • 650-751: At this point I was sets of 10 and maybe 2 CLEAN pushups per set. The first pushup was just to swing myself in motion (I started falling on the floor if I didn't do a half pushup before starting). My shoulders started soring up as well. Nothing was giving me pain and it didn't feel like I couldn't keep going.
  • 751-879: It was around 9.30PM (yes) until I was 850+. I had to eat dinner (some nice raw sandwich carbs with lemonade). But for the first time, I was weirdly addicted to doing pushups. Don't get me wrong, 400-600 and 100-300 I hated doing these. But now I felt like stopping was... sad? I wasn't guilt tripping myself it was just weird. So instead of having dinner I kept going.
  • 879-1001: This was bittersweet. I was finally gonna be done after almost 10 hours of only focusing on pushups, but I'll be done. It'll be over. Again, I don't mean to say I wanna do 1000 more, or again. But it was an ending for sure. There was no crowd, no music. I shut the podcasts as well to be with myself for a bit. It was nice. A very good feeling. Life should be like this.

The last time when I read David Goggins book "Cant Hurt Me" I tried a similar challenge, and worked my way up to 30 minutes on a jump rope. It was delightful, but after I'm done with these challenges I just stop. Because it's a nice high, and it goes against the very thing he says. It's an achievement, but you go back and do it again. And again. Until you stop being a little bitch.

Anyway, until next time. I'm gonna write 2 nice songs below. This was also 1/30 things/challenges I needed to do this year from this year's bucketlist.

Get Lucky by Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers
Airplanes, Pt. II by B.o.B, Eminem and Hayley Williams