AI hype is detrimental for internet consumers
Dated: 28/03/2023

Are you anti-AI? or do you consider yourself AI-pilled?
This is mostly what I see on Youtube these days.

And I would argue this is not the best of things for consumers of reels/tiktoks/tweets/YT videos etc. Because more than the creators of the internet, there are consumers.

Now I don't mean to downgrade the people in AI who are doing experiments with ChatGPT or Gpt-4 or how pointless [insert job] is because of AI. Most are incredible people and there's always something to learn from them.

But, there's a lot of noise. Especially for people who don't already have survival figured out in life. I don't have survival figured out for the entirety of mine.

This means, you might be scrolling through hours of content creators telling you how they made $$$ from ChatGPT or something else, making you feel "Hey I could do that?"

But you most probably can't. You're doing your job that takes a whole lot of time, maybe your side project takes a lot of time as well. Building anything takes time, patience. A LOT of time and patience.

Most of "I made a million in 2 days here's how you can too" is not normal.

It's noise.

If you want to experiment something similar, do it! If my entire life till now has to be summarize into something it should be "do something you really want to and don't do anything you dont want to".

But if your next move is to go back to your work desk and do something - please, don't listen to these people and don't take them seriously. They could be right. All of us may lose our jobs but the way it's presented is detrimental to our health.

We don't know if these people are really the amazing founders they claim they are -- or salesmen of shovels in the gold rush.

Here's what I'd like you to leave with - do what you want, regardless of the outcome. Ensure your survival and jobs, because most of us need them. Beyond that, don't put too much thought on what the internet humans have to say.

In the words of bill burr - "It'll be fine. And even if it's not gonna be fine isn't it better to think it's gonna be fine until it's not fine?"

Have a good one.