Decisions (and an unnecessary unedited rant about it)
Dated: 26/11/2023

I recently wrote one of my best blogposts and since I'm a dumb idiot; I forgot to save because I was writing in wordpad. 1 like = 1 prayer.

Let's start off by agreeing on one thing; all humans on some level want validation from other humans, whether a larger group (audience, Twitter followers) or a smaller group (romantic partner, friends etc.). And that validation influences their decision-making on some level.

And everyone who's a pessimist at this point has started disagreeing with points made above in their head - even when I'm sugarcoating and not bluntly putting it out. If you're one of them, skip this post, or read whatever that's up to you.

Now - we all seek validation, and we all make decisions, and they're interlinked. I am currently doing a lot of "making" whether it be games, videos, products, businesses etc. just a lot of external work to feel validated through customers, the admiration of others who I respect or like - writing this blog post so someone reads it.

And doing a lot of "making" requires decision making - like, I'll be honest - I'm currently in the middle of parallelly working on 5-6 different products, and I'm constantly adding more. And these aren't all just niche weekend projects, some might go on for years if not decades if good luck appears.

So am I mad?

Out of my head?

Should I quit and focus?

Or listen to myself, who isn't sure about what he's doing.

I had to make a decision, so does everyone. Stick to that job or follow your passion (this is the cheesiest one btw), go to the gym or get a little more fat, decisions surround us all the time.

Fucking up our lives with expectations

If you were born in Asia, without being stereotypical or racist, you know what I'm talking about. The word expectations is synonymous with parents, but worldwide we have a societal responsibility or expectation, or not, depending on how much we want to take it.

But it does bother us - we are expected to make GOOD DECISIONS.


All decisions are subjective and dependent on who's perspective they're being viewed from. This also implies that when you are in the middle of doing something, asking if it will work or not is pointless.

We should do all of our research, analysis, wondering pondering BEFORE we start something. So if you decide on something, stick to it, if you decide to quit, quit. Don't be in the middle.

Validation from wrong sources

Let's not pretend there aren't bad influences.

People are complicated, sometimes someone lies to you to stop talking to you and the inference can be that they loved whatever you were talking about. There's more to words than words, which means there's no point analyzing or inferring.

To be more specific, don't come and ask me or @levelsio or ANY maker if your app will be successful or not, don't ask that rockstar employee if your game will make it or not. THEY DON'T KNOW!

Only customers can tell you.

In this digital world we've moved towards marketing through organic vs. inorganic, b2b sales and cold reach that we've forgotten what drives it all - human need, or want,

or whatever reason humans buy goth girl bathwater for.

Don't predict.

Don't analyze.

Unless that's your thing - then do that. I'm an internet stranger ranting before heading to bed don't take me that seriously.

Ok thanks for read byeee.