Internet is kinda magical
Dated: 19/02/2023

Think about it, I can express my views without knowing who's at the other end. I can tell you things, honestly and vulnerably, without having to worry if you'll judge me.

I grew up without knowing internet was a thing until I was well over 13-14, and I think having memories from a non-connected, local world enhances my experience of the internet.

There's a problem at its heart though, I think an unsolvable one. Internet is really REALLY good at keeping records of people, but not people themselves. What a weird sentence right? Probably yeah.

What I mean though is we're still kind of using that old system of resumes, CVs to determine if a person is eligible for something or not. How much a person has spoken vs. How much they know. It may seem a bit nonsensical but it's difficult to know who the person actually is. This is a big reason why it feels so good when an internet person is honest (Thanks ThePrimeagen if you ever read this)

I don't think there's a solution for this, in fact we have this problem in the real world as well where before you meet someone, you look at their mannerisms, the way they're dressed and not who they are, because there's no way of determining who they are without having a conversation.

Internet is not wrong here, the creators of it, the consumers aren't either. It's a just a problem I think that it has and will, and I hope there's a solution to it some day.

Apart from this and some other things, I think internet was one of the best things that happened to humanity.