Observation of the universe is enough
Dated: 18/05/2023

At some point all of us will wonder what's our point, what's the purpose you should seek while you're alive on this earth. And maybe that question is daunting, maybe it's pointless, maybe you never have wondered and don't see why one would. All of these things are fair.

I personally think it's a bit too overwhelming to crack it. You can go out of your house and find a flower to smell, or you can write blogs like these. You can work and provide for your family and that'd be enough. You can write code, draw paintings, play music, or not do any of it, and it'd still be enough.

Not according to societal rules. You might be needed to go to church. You might also be needed to attend to your relatives, family members. But the crux of it still remains true - you don't *need* to do anything. Anything at all.

And that's where the thought creeps in - what's all of this for? I've encountered this questions multiple times, way more than I can possibly count, without any answer. Until very recently. Having gone through some things I came to the conclusion - Observation of the universe is enough.

If this sentence makes you feel weird - let it. If something out in the world makes you happy - let it. If a song makes you cry - let it.

I've personally spent way too much time fighting against the tide, and very recently I feel like I've given up doing that, life has been better and happier. Because at the end of the day I feel like I'm only here to observe - there's so much to observe!

I'll leave you with two songs:

Vienna by Billy Joel
3AM by Gregory Alan

PS: This was partially 1written while travelling in Delhi Metro, I would advise against taking this seriously :P