Other people will only tell you who they think you should become
Dated: 01/02/2023

And that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just how the world operates. My perception of you will always be a subset of YOUR perception of yourself, which is a subset of who you are.

This is the reason people take personality assessments and think "It's kind of accurate in some places but not really", because it has limited information on who you are, because YOU have limited information of who you are.

What I mean by that is you can only observe yourself by:

  • What you've done in your past
  • What your actions look like day-to-day
  • What you hope you become in the future

And these are limited sources of information.

Corporate interviews mostly focus on #1, which is why humans who don't excel at having a track record of consistent behavior are so frustrated with "Corporate", "Business", "Job", "9 to 5" and similar things.

Interviewers can only gauge you on some metrics, if you end up basing your life's trajectory on those metrics, you might not end up where you wanted to go.

Most people end up taking inputs from others on what they should do, and start thinking it's a problem. The reality however is that it's just someone else's observation.