YouTube traction - Insanely happy time!
Dated: 30/04/2023

I recently got some traction on youtube, finally, after ~9 years of constantly re-trying, I crossed the barrier of 200 subs. Here is a screenshot (screenshot on 03/05/2023)Channel statistics from 3rd May 2023

If you ever read this, I am insanely grateful to both Theo (founder of and ThePrimeagen (insane man on twitch). I couldn't have a. done this without their help and b. I would have given up at the first video if it wasn't for the massively amazing people from their community that gave me hope. Because i was being a little bitch.

I remember listening to tons of songs, giving myself hope each time I retried with a new Youtube channel - "this one will be it, I will listen to the people this time. I will be funnier. I will be better."

And weirdly enough the youtube channel that took off is about the topic I consider myself curious in -- but feel like know the least about. Comparing to music / video editing / etc, programming wasn't that intuitive to me.

I just had this day: 29/04 I spent ~12 hours a day either writing code for a new project or editing the latest video, 28/04 I spent ~12-14 hours RECORDING + EDITING the same video. I rarely have these good days, ever.

And I don't feel exhausted while writing this. Maybe this is the honeymoon phase, I'm already thinking about the next video. I hope this time it stays.

Listen to these songs, I like these songs. I'm gonna put two songs at each blog's end depicting the mood of the blog from now on:

Dissect the bird by John Craigie
Reality in motion by Tame Impala

PS: This was written while travelling in Delhi Metro, I would advise against taking this seriously :P